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RMCMI Honorary Members

A person may be designated an "Honorary Member" of the Institute by a two-thirds majority vote of the RMCMI Board of Directors. This designation honors a company or an individual who has, through extraordinary contributions of time and/or resources, supported the Institute in its endeavors. An Honorary Member will generally be selected from outside the RMCMI, but could include a regular member.

Honorary Members will be recognized at the Annual Convention and Meeting for their friendship and generous support of the Institute.

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2003 - Mr. & Mrs. Irving Greenberg

2004 - Dr. Michael (Kim) McCarter

2006 - Ms. Julie Cummings

2008 - Mrs. Cheryl Evans

2009 - Mr. Al Inzano

2010 - Ms. Jane Thomas & Mr. LeRoy Jacobs

2014- Mr. David Moss